With our "Mobile Logistics" app, you can upgrade your existing warehouse management in a meaningful way and make your warehouse management "mobile ready" and future-proof.

Do you already use mobile devices in your warehouse and want to expand and optimize their use? Or do you still work manually and want to automate manual warehouse processes? The Mobile Logistics App is versatile. Optimizing the material flow in the warehouse, reducing the number of paper documents and at the same time increasing the quality within the logistics processes are also part of the tasks of Mobile Logistics, just like the photo documentation, which additionally documents all relevant process steps.



With our "Mobile Logistics" app, you can upgrade your existing warehouse management system and make your warehouse management "mobile ready" and future-proof. The mobile framework, based on the modular principle, in combination with an extensive library of preconfigured dialogs, guarantees a quick introduction so that all logistics processes can be handled mobile. These include, for example:

  • Goods receipt
  • Putaway
  • In-warehouse stock transfers or transfer postings and stock removals
  • Outgoing goods
  • Inventory displays
  • Recording of inventory count results
  • Feedback of time events or work processes in production


Has an order not been delivered in its entirety or has a claimed part already been damaged during picking? Photo documentation is time-consuming, but it is often the only way to fully document the proper condition of packages for all parties involved during the entire process chain - from delivery receipt to proper packaging to delivery. Particularly in the case of complex delivery processes with several players involved, it is important to document the condition of the delivery item transparently for all parties involved at every stage of the process. With the new Visio Trace, this image documentation is easily possible and photos are available where they belong - at the logistics process in your ERP system.


With "Mobile Logistics", you work directly in your ERP system with your mobile devices. In this way, you access an always up-to-date database, report back your logistics activities promptly and can minimize the amount of paper in the warehouse. Our interface generator ensures uniform and intuitive operation of all transactions and adapts the display to the screen size of your respective output device, be it a handheld scanner, forklift terminal, tablet or smartphone.

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Everything at a glance - with our "Mobile Logistics" app, you have access from anywhere to goods receipt, putaway, internal warehouse stock transfers as well as goods issue, stock displays and the recording of inventory count results and feedback on time events or work processes in production.

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Track in real time what your quantities are for each product.

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With our picking option, you can see all open tasks at a glance in the app and employees can assign them to themselves step by step.

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Through the "second-screen" option, you can also view and access detailed tasks on the go. For example, you can display various pack specifications.


  • Direct online integration via WLAN (without middleware)
  • No client licenses and therefore no maintenance costs
  • Fast implementation due to modular principle (mobile framework with individually selectable transactions)
  • Extensive library of preconfigured transactions
  • Integrated photo documentation for a transparent delivery process
  • Interface generator for uniform display adapted to the respective screen size, including function key and touchscreen support
  • Hardware-independent through web-based browser display

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