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Less stress. More time for important things

POLUMANA®: Mobile itinerary planning for field service

Stop wasting time planning your customer visits! With POLUMANA® AI-infused itinerary planning you plan your day, week or month easier than ever. Transfer the itinerary to your calendar with one tap and use the freed up time.

Create the perfect itinerary in 2 minutes and save hours


Automatic planning

The POLUMANA® app automatically calculates the itinerary for you - even offline. Individual visiting periods and due dates are taken into account. In just two minutes, you have the itinerary for the next day, the next week, or the next month.

Due dates for customer visits

During the creation of the tour, sales figures, due dates and customer potential are also queried. With this information you always have the overview and the possibility to achieve the best possible output.

Mobile access to CRM and ERP

Use the integration of data from CRM to improve your own work efficiency. Not only will you spend the shortest time on the road, you're guaranteed to visit the most important customers.

The POLUMANA® app creates the optimal itinerary for you. Thanks to intelligent algorithms, you spend less time in the car and have more time for your actual tasks.

Ready to put your sales activities in the fast lane?

Forget time-consuming and inefficient itinerary planning - with our innovative solution you reach your customers faster and more efficiently. The mobile itinerary planning of POLUMANA® shows you the fastest way to your customers - in less than 2 minutes. Arrange a personal demo and see for yourself how our sales app with mobile tour and route planning maximizes your business success!

Experience POLUMANA® in 30 minutes