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Document Output Management

Faster, paperless document processes

Process-related collation, processing and dispatch of associated documents

If you want to provide the associated documents for a created production order, quotation or purchase order in the SAP standard - whether as a printout, as an email attachment or in SharePoint Online - you first have to search for them and compile them manually. This is often a time-consuming process that is also repeated with every comparable process.

Our DOM-ZONE solution does this better: it automatically finds the documents belonging to the relevant business transaction and processes them (scaling, stamping, conversion to PDF, ...) - according to rules that you define. This allows you to send all relevant files with a single click and substantially speeds up document output. Automatic archiving of mail dispatch reports ensures process security and maximum transparency in document management.

How DOM-ZONE works:

The corresponding e-mail addresses and defined e-mail templates are automatically "attracted" correctly. All you have to do is click on "Send". You can also automatically print all documents that belong to a material order or a production order, for example, be it a drawing or assembly instructions. Last but not least, you can make the documents available in your SharePoint Online or on your SFTP server and have all related information in one place.

DOM-ZONE: A solution that benefits different departments

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Find and send all documents belonging to an offer automatically.
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Automatically find and output all documents belonging to an order.
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All documents belonging to a production order are automatically found and can be sent with a single click.
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Provide maintenance plans, documentation and manuals automatically from SAP.
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Share CAD models and CAD drawings, drawings in neutral/exchange format.
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Quality management

Certificates, reports and many other documents are directly available and can be used for other purposes.
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DocuSign® Integration

Use the DocuSign® integration and benefit from additional advantages. For example, you can digitize your quotation process, implement automatic processing of approval or rejection in SAP and use digital, legally compliant signatures.

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Microsoft Universal Print Integration

Make the most of the seamless integration of Microsoft Universal Print services into your printing workflows. Enjoy streamlined management of your printing environment, with centralized control over printers and print jobs through the cloud, along with compatibility for various device types.


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The advantages of DOM-ZONE:

Time and cost savings

through high automation in the output process

Complete SAP integration

DOM-ZONE enables, for example, the mailing and printing of ERP documents


Start at one location, plant or business process and roll out the solution successively - flexibly and individually.

Reduced maintenance effort

through integrated active service in the Azure Cloud

Paperless production

through the use of SharePoint Online and the storage on a SFTP server

Complete digitalization of the quotation process

through the integration of DocuSign

Faster mailing

Individual and flexible search for multiple e-mail recipients

Faster printing

Automatic assignment of the correct printer

Work faster

Format recognition from DIN A0 - A8, stamping, splitting and merging of PDF documents

Preselection dialog

Simple selection and deselection of the documents to be output

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DOM-ZONE in the Azure Marketplace

Did you know that DOM-ZONE is also available via the Azure Marketplace? Purchase our solution directly via the Microsoft Commerical Marketplace, which enables convenient and seamless integration into your SAP or Azure environment.

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