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The FACTORY KIT supports you on your way to becoming an intelligent and networked company with the exchange of real-time data between your production and your (SAP) processes.

Factory KIT - For intelligent and SAP-oriented production

Our FACTORY KIT solution offers you a simple, SAP-like introduction to intelligent and networked production. The vertical exchange of data between ERP and production enables efficient processes in production, maintenance and quality assurance.

The solution vision is not based on the individual function, but on a digitized and optimized end-2-end process. Many processes have a core in SAP, which the FACTORY KIT extends towards production. Exception-based action only works if data from production is available in real time. Functionality and processes are tailored to people and use cases. The FACTORY KIT provides support on the way to becoming an intelligent and networked company.


Process optimization and transparency in production

Our FACTORY KIT enables you to provide current information on production orders to workers and/or directly to the system. Manual and/or machine-supported feedback of times and quantities on production order processes, as well as their analysis, allow up-to-date insights into production processes. Optimization potential is primarily achieved by reducing unproductive times - adjustments to planned times, rescheduling based on current data, OEE analyses.

Fast and adaptive processes in maintenance

The precise, machine-supported recording and classification of faults and downtimes allows simple evaluations of frequencies as well as complex cause analyses through to the derivation of models for improved fault prediction. Of course, maintenance messages with relevant information can be created directly in the target system and relevant persons can be informed as appropriate.

Accuracy in quality management

The recording and documentation of qualitative and quantitative test results enables integrated testing during production. The visualization and monitoring of inspection points makes it possible to initiate inspections as required. Depending on the results, follow-up activities are triggered or stopped (e.g. inspection tightening or process interlocks).

Acquisition and processing of machine data

Elementary components of a "smart" factory are also smart systems or at least smart workstations. The FACTORY KIT enables bidirectional exchange between SAP and the machine. The latest technical standards are used to drive Industry 4.0 forward at the automation level. This vertical data integration is the enabler for store floor-integrated end-2-end processes and process analyses in the FACTORY KIT. A special feature of the FACTORY KIT is the possibility of event-based process control, which creates highly dynamic processes.

Added value at all levels

Your company with the Intelligent Factory

  • reacts individually to customer requirements
  • makes optimized decisions
  • uses resources productively and efficiently
  • reacts quickly and flexibly to external and internal influences

Employees in the Intelligent Factory

The worker:

  • Reliable and clear information on clearly structured and simple applications
  • The focus is on the actual workflow - activities from different areas (PP, PM, QM) are made possible in one place
  • Machine takes over data acquisition (automation) or makes suggestions (partial automation)

The foreman/production manager:

  • Precise recording of the actual situation creates accurate planning requirements in SAP ERP
  • Various evaluations in the SAP standard
  • Ad-hoc target/actual comparisons; ideally situation-based reporting if process is outside the target corridor
  • Central information pool for information from production
  • Clearly defined processes in production that do not require/allow "special logic"

The functions in the Intelligent Factory

Production planning:

  • Reduction of manual activities
  • Real-time transparency: Which orders are currently running on which machines?
  • Increased productivity through direct countermeasures in the event of problems in production (condition monitoring)
  • Interactive processes in which machines and products from production trigger processes in SAP
  • Optimization of planned and cycle times, as well as rescheduling according to the situation
  • Flexible production processes based on currently available capacities and skills

Production management:

  • Precise classification and evaluation of error messages
  • Use of machine statuses and workloads for planning and optimization
  • Collection and evaluation of IoT data, which can then be used for predictive maintenance scenarios

Quality management:

  • Accurate and time-efficient inspection during production
  • Increased accuracy in material and batch tracing

The application at a glance

01 sap pp planung_final

SAP PP Planning:

Use extensive planning functions in SAP PP and extend your ERP systems right through to production.

02 milkrunner app_final

Control App (control center):

Distribute worklists to workstations and never be unemployed again.

03 übersicht vorgänge_final

Operations overview:

View the current worklist from SAP Planning to do the right thing at the right time.

04 vorgang bearbeiten mit dokumentenanzeige_final

Edit process with document display:

Record work progress in real time, simply and without paper.

05 störmeldung anlegen_final

Create fault report:

Record faults in real time for fast and accurate maintenance to minimize downtime.

Our offer

If you want to optimize your end-to-end processes quickly and easily, we would be happy to show you the FACTORY KIT - LIVE in action - in the context of digitalizing manual workstations and/or controlling complex robot systems.