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Everyone is talking about e-invoicing. Electronic invoicing is a specific application of the EDI concept, which aims to transmit invoice data electronically between companies. However, the lurking challenges do not stop there. Manual data entry increases the risk of errors and inefficient processes. This leads to slower business processes, longer processing times and higher operating costs. The security of sensitive data can be compromised, while scalability and integration with business partners is made more difficult. Integrating an EDI system is therefore crucial to increase efficiency, minimize errors and ensure adaptability to growing business needs.

We offer you a fast, seamless solution that integrates effortlessly with your ERP system. With EDI-ZONE, you will experience an immediate increase in the efficiency of your processes. The secure and reliable data transfer not only helps to reduce costs and error rates, but also provides you with greater transparency and process reliability. Discover the productivity and efficiency that EDI-ZONE brings.

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What is Electronic Data Interchange

Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI for short, enables the electronic exchange of business documents such as orders, delivery bills and invoices between business partners. This automated data exchange is based on international standards and communication protocols. Implementation requires the consideration of legal framework conditions and the cooperation of EDI specialists, such as BLUE-ZONE GmbH.

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EDI-ZONE makes this possible

EDI-ZONE is the system that makes these requirements possible. Our efficient system revolutionizes the exchange of business documents and optimizes the efficiency of companies in internal and external data exchange processes. It offers multiple benefits, including speeding up business processes, reducing errors and integrating with various business areas, including supply chain management and warehouse management systems.

A system for digitized comprehensive processes

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ERP integration

Integration into existing ERP systems is essential (SAP S/4HANA, Microsoft Dynamics and many more). EDI-ZONE can be seamlessly integrated into your ERP system using suitable connectors. Experience no system breaks, but a direct link to the corresponding documents.
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Message formats

There are currently a large number of international and specific standards for EDI message formats (EDIFACT, XML, VDA, SWIFT and many more). EDI-ZONE converts the respective message formats easily and market-specifically.
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Process automation

EDI-ZONE automates the exchange of converted message formats between business partners, enabling fully automated processes from creation to document dispatch. This reduces errors, speeds up transactions and increases accuracy, reliability and provides real-time transparency in business processes.
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Monitoring via a traffic light function provides a quick overview. EDI-ZONE monitors the data flow between business partners, detects errors, provides transparency and generates error messages to indicate deviations at an early stage. This ensures reliable and efficient data communication.

How EDI-ZONE works:

EDI-ZONE enables the efficient and standardized exchange of structured business data between companies. Using mapping options tailored to your needs. Starting with the formatting of internal data in a standardized EDI format, this structured data is transmitted via secure communication channels using protocols. After receipt, the data is processed in the EDI system, unpacked, converted into the recipient's internal format and integrated into the business processes.

The advantages of EDI-ZONE:

EDI-ZONE eliminates the need for manual data entry for business transactions. At the same time, day System plays a decisive role in the digitalization of processes that take place across company boundaries.


With EDI-ZONE, you benefit from close integration of the EDI system with your ERP processes. Users from the specialist departments can view and check information directly via EDI messages. This enables the perfectly coordinated conversion of messages. These are linked to the corresponding ERP document in the document flow. Users therefore navigate seamlessly from the process to the message and have maximum transparency with high usability.


Users can identify anomalies more quickly during message exchange and rectify them themselves. Cumbersome technical processing by IT and the associated loss of information are a thing of the past.


EDI-ZONE is integrated into the ERP authorization concept. EDI administrators can allow or restrict access to the system for certain people.


EDI-ZONE has been completely implemented using common standards such as XSLT, Fiori and ABAP. You can integrate your own extensions, create your own conversions or adapt existing ones at any time.


You can store all messages, protocols and logs with ERP standard archiving - you determine the time of archiving. All documents can be retrieved from the archive at any time!


Every order confirmation, every delivery bill and every incoming invoice that the company receives on paper or by email must be viewed and processed by employees. Comprehensive scanning strategies with intelligent software solutions speed up these processes.


Analyzing this data using business intelligence methods enables improved process control thanks to constantly available and up-to-date data.


To promote cross-border cooperation, invoice processes are being increasingly digitized throughout the EU. EDI-Zone forms the basis for the electronic transfer of invoices with companies and authorities in the national and international environment.

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With EDI-ZONE, you can design the efficient exchange of business messages. The software automates data conversion, improves communication with business partners and increases competitiveness. Internally, EDI-ZONE optimizes processes, reduces costs and minimizes manual effort so that you can concentrate on strategic tasks. The flexible integration of business partners enables fast and secure data exchange, saving time and resources.

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Your document digitization project also includes an onboarding process for your suppliers. Our expertise promotes seamless and efficient communication between companies by digitizing and standardizing message formats. This ensures a high level of acceptance among your business partners and relieves your IT organization at the same time. The special feature: EDI-ZONE is directly integrated into your ERP system and, thanks to open standards, it also works in the systems of other partners.


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