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The app for mobile

itinerary planning

POLUMANA® helps you get from A to B efficiently and stress-free. With the native app, you can carry out itinerary planning in the field in no time at all. Stop wasting time on the road and take care of your customers.

POLUMANA® makes the difference

The itinerary planning app is a mobile solution that helps you optimize service and sales processes. POLUMANA® calculates the optimal travel plan for your workday, your workweek or the entire month. This way, you reduce your costs by up to 20% and cut your CO₂ emissions at the same time. Experience productivity increases in the field at first hand and secure yourself a front seat at the pulse of the digital age.

Can be used independently of the operating system

Whether Apple, Android or Windows, POLUMANA® is ready for all mobile devices. Keep working with the operating systems you feel most comfortable with.

Long-term planning at the click of a mouse

In less than 2 minutes, the itinerary planning app creates the most efficient tour - for the next day, week or month. If necessary, make adjustments with the click of a mouse.

Adapts to your life

POLUMANA® knows the places you return to again and again. No matter where you want to sleep or eat, the mobile field service app takes individual start or end points into account when planning itineraries.

In nur 2 Minuten zur schnellsten Route

Use the mobile route planning of POLUMANA® to create optimal itinerary for your appointments in less than 2 minutes.

POLUMANA® | LogicLine

POLUMANA® in use

Reference project at LogicLine

Functions at a glance

Functions Sales Service
Integration of data from CRM (including leads, opportunities, customers)

Integration of fault messages and maintenance appointments  
Manual adjustment of the tour by adding / moving appointments
Automatic / manual prioritization of appointments
Display and consideration of hotels as overnight accommodation along the calculated route
Optimization of the calculated route to touch
Availability of the route also in offline mode
Creation of routes on a daily/weekly/ or monthly basis
Tours optionally as round trip
Tours optionally as a rally
Weekly tour with reservation of weekdays for customer visits (customer visits only e.g. Mo-Mi from the perspective of the sales representative)

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Have you already extensively digitized your operational processes and are looking for ways to increase your efficiency even more? Or are you at the beginning of the digital transformation and want to start piece by piece? POLUMANA® meets your requirements. Regardless of industry or company size, the app will help you digitize your sales force. Contact us today to learn more.

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