Software and apps

We develop SaaS products, such as the POLUMANA® app family, which is used by around 17,000 users in 18 languages.

POLUMANA® - Sales App


The POLUMANA® sales app ensures a noticeable increase in sales. It provides a clear overview - like a digital sales case - of all the important data for the sales meeting: from customer information to the complete catalog. No matter in which systems the data is stored - everything is united on the mobile device, even offline. Important functions from route planning to ordering also make everyday sales work easier.

POLUMANA® - Service App


The POLUMANA® Service App is the multitool for the technical field service. All necessary information, even from different systems, is clearly displayed on a tablet. A service technician who really knows what needs to be done and can advise the customer thus becomes a trustworthy salesperson. Well thought-out functions from route planning to spare parts ordering provide additional support.

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