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The field service app to go

POLUMANA® takes your technical field service to the next level. Fast and reliable as always - and now also digitized. The native app bundles all functionalities in one application. Service orders can thus be processed faster and more efficiently. Waiting for a cellular connection or asking for WLAN are a thing of the past.

You benefit from these advantages with our Field Service app


Quick return on invest

The expenditure for POLUMANA® pays for itself in less than two years. The efficiency gains remain permanent.

Measurable efficiency gains

Thanks to POLUMANA®, you achieve satisfactory results with 15% less effort, time or resources – sustainably.

Higher customer satisfaction

More efficient scheduling of your service team and optimized service appointments will reduce costly downtime for your customers's opterations.

POLUMANA® makes the difference

The Field Service app is a cloud-based, offline-capable mobile solution for automating and accelerating service processes. Experience productivity increases in customer service first-hand and secure yourself a front seat at the pulse of the digital age.

Real-time data available offline

Don't let weak or missing internet connections slow you down. The POLUMANA® app for field service is ready for use 24/7 with all customer and product data, even offline.

All you need in one application

As a Field Service app, POLUMANA® bundles information from all common systems such as CRM, ERP, product catalog or media database in one application. This ensures efficiency and ergonomics and facilitates interactions between you and your customers.

Improve your service quality

With POLUMANA® you are able to access the complete document history (e.g. fault messages, repair orders, test reports, etc.) of the last 24 months at the touch of a button. You save time and optimize your service performance.

Usable independently of the operating system

Whether Apple, Android or Windows, POLUMANA® is ready for all mobile devices. Keep working with the operating system you feel most comfortable with.
POLUMANA Dispatch Lösung

In the office and on the road

With the dispatch application, internal operations and field service work hand in hand. The Field Service app desktop application enables seamless coordination and assignment of tasks to mobile teams, streamlining itinerary planning and maximizing your efficiency. No matter what industry you work in, POLUMANA® increases your team's productivity.

POLUMANA® Module und Fuktionen

Functionalities for the tomorrow's challenges

Although they are very similar, a company's operational challenges are always specific. To meet all individual challenges, the POLUMANA® Field Service app has a wide range of functions. Each one individually is capable of realizing productivity gains in your field service. When the functions of our field service software interlock, you create synergies and maximize your company's potential.

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All you need in one app

Digital spare parts catalog

The mobile access to all spare parts.

Mobile CRM

All customer data always with you.

Itinerary planning

The most efficient way to your service customers.

Order Entry

Mobile item ordering made easy.

Digitization in sales across industries

Intersectoral and yet configurable with different modules specific to the industry - that is POLUMANA®. Versatile application options for different industries make it significantly easier for you to achieve your operational goals. Flexibility, scalability and security make the software-as-a-service solution a reliable tool for improving your own operational efficiency. The focus on usability makes it easy for you to use the sales app, no matter what industry you are in.

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Clinics and their patients benefit from the POLUMANA® Field Service app through digitized workflows. These enable medical staff to save time and resources - for example, by quickly accessing all the information they need.
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Machine Building

The Filed Service app POLUMANA® provides comprehensive on-site information, includes a complete document history and recommends maintenance before it becomes necessary. Unplanned downtime is a thing of the past.
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Energy & Infrastructure

Digitization is reaching the energy industry. With the POLUMANA® service app, fault messages are recorded in real time. Repair measures are scheduled flexibly and carried out efficiently.
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POLUMANA® takes care of the documentation and integration of survey reports in the case of damage claims into the customer's file - and does so at the site of the incident.
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Adapted to the SAP strategy

The SAP world is familiar terrain for BLUE-ZONE GmbH. As an SAP-certified application, POLUMANA® builds on BTP or uses it to integrate into the SAP environment. As an SAP BTP-inside product, the service app is ready for the public cloud and the industry cloud.

By the way

16,900 users

in sales and service use POLUMANA® for their daily work.

EUR 15 billion

sales volume is realized via POLUMANA® per year.

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Have you already extensively digitized your service processes and are looking for ways to increase your efficiency even more? Or are you at the beginning of the digital transformation and want to start piece by piece? POLUMANA® meets your requirements! Regardless of industry or company size, the app will help you digitize your technical field service. Contact us today to learn more.

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