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Work more efficiently - internally and externally

Integrate systems and processes across the enterprise

In the modern business world, integrated digital tools are essential. These not only serve to optimize operational processes, but also promote smooth collaboration within the company. Lay the foundation for long-lasting success with our integrated solutions and gain decisive competitive advantages now!

Secure a variety of benefits!

Documents, partners and processes at a glance

Flexible integration of all business partners. Exchange documents simultaneously and have all your processes in view - digitally, automated and fully integrated.

Holistic digitization

Paper documents are a thing of the past with our integrated systems. Optimize your document flow and digitize your document management.

Automated processes

Experience a central platform for smooth interaction, process control, data integration, and efficient step delegation, supported by simple authorization management and comprehensive logging.

Efficient collaboration - internal and external

Enable efficient, automated collaboration and digital signatures.

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Strengthen your collaboration and efficiency through seamless integration of modern application. DOM-ZONE, ECM-ZONE and EDI-ZONE make this possible!

For those who strive for seamless processes

Blue-Zone GmbH offers comprehensive digital solutions for seamless integration and process optimization. We enable structured digital document management, secure data transfer and automated workflows. Our Integration Suite links all tasks in existing systems and optimizes internal and external processes for long-term competitiveness.

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No matter in which area of your business you need support: BLUE-ZONE GmbH offers you integrated solutions to optimize and automate processes.

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DOM-ZONE automatically finds the documents belonging to the relevant business transaction. This substantially accelerates document output. The automatic archiving of mail dispatch reports ensures process reliability and maximum transparency in document management. Learn more!
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ECM-ZONE provides tools and resources to centralize, manage and optimize business-critical workflows. Immerse yourself in a world of cutting-edge process automation and discover how ECM-ZONE can help increase business efficiency and foster collaboration. Learn more!
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EDI-ZONE guarantees an immediate increase in the efficiency of corporate processes. The secure and reliable data transfer not only helps to reduce costs and error rates, but also provides more transparency and process reliability. With EDI-ZONE, everyone benefits from the close integration of the EDI system with the company's own ERP processes. Learn more!

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BLUE-ZONE GmbH is your partner for combining the knowledge in your company into a productive collective. In us, you will find a partner with over 20 years of experience in end-to-end automation of business processes to suit your operational environment. We convince with individual consulting, exchange on eye level and always have an open ear for our customers. Contact us today to drive digitalization forward in your company.

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