May we introduce? - Our new sales team member at BLUE-ZONE GmbH

Since the beginning of the year, Emanuele Parlato has been expanding the development and support of our channel partner network. Furthermore, the acquisition and support of strategic customers (key accounts) is part of his daily business.

But who is behind the person Emanuele Parlato? Born and raised in the foothills of the Alps in northeastern Italy. The fascination of changing perspectives attracted Emanuele Parlato early on and he therefore spent part of his studies in Germany. He also likes to change perspectives at concerts. One day he is enthusiastically in the audience and on other days he is on stage as a guitarist with his own songs. Besides his great passion, music, "cooking" takes a big place in his life. Emanuele lives with his family in the south of Bavaria, where he regularly inspires as a chef.

Due to his experience in the still young and highly fragmented IoT market, partnership-based marketing models are one of his core competencies. Having worked for both large corporations and startups in the past, he finds it easy to interface with organizations of all sizes. He does not see complex decision-making structures as an obstacle, but rather as an exciting challenge.

On the other side of the Alps, the native Italian wants to advance BLUE-ZONE GmbH in every "perspective" with his experience and skills.

Welcome to the team!