Our colleague Joshua, brings stability and continuity to our team through his work. He started as a Net client developer in the Windows team and after a few years he joined the backend team.

His technical curiosity drove him early on. In the beginning still in the analog world, installing electrical devices in his private environment. And then additionally in the digital world, by trying out the latest mobile devices. For him, it was not only the superficial application that was important. His goal was to discover additional (hidden) functions. A BlackBerry was his playground for discovering new features for a long time.

Where does he get his composure and inner peace on the job to support our team and our customers full of verve every day?

The secret is his self-chosen oases, which he lives out in his private life.

  • proximity to nature, for example, mountain biking in his surroundings
  • exploring European countries with tent and backpack
  • balanced nutrition, often prepared in the traditional way

All experiences are lived in a very original way.

His culinary discovery tours often lead him to traditional cooking. He spares no effort, for example, to prepare a pizza in the traditional way in his own pizza pellet oven in the garden. His experiments deal more in the variation of flavor combinations. With great attention to detail, he brings new desserts to the office for colleagues to evaluate. In this regard, Joshua already has the reputation of the dessert king away among his colleagues.

It's only through a true work-life balance that our colleagues are able to give their best. And when things get turbulent, they keep a clear head. A look behind the scenes allows us to get to know our colleagues outside of work as well. If you want to know what other personalities are behind the colleagues and contacts at BLUE-ZONE GmbH, follow our social media channels and don't miss any more news. You can also contact us directly to learn more about us. We are looking forward to meeting you.

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