In our series: "BLUE-ZONE GmbH introduces its teams", we have already focused on a few of our colleagues. More exciting personalities from our teams are waiting for you.

Today we continue with our board member - Dr. Richard Mayr. He has been a successful entrepreneur for over 25 years and has been leading BLUE-ZONE GmbH to success in his position as a board member ever since. Continuing some milestones, interests and facets of Dr. Mayr.

While still a student, he founded his first company, where as managing director he ensured healthy growth. As a result, R2R Informations- und Kommunikations AG, with him on the board, merged with Finmatica AG 10 years after its founding. Eventually, he became a member of the board of the merged companies and also served the company as a member of the supervisory board for many years.

As managing director of BLUE-ZONE GmbH, he offered his know-how to other companies as interim managing director for several years. His intuition for the needs of the IT market is always present. This was followed by the founding of other companies, including BLUE-ZONE GmbH.

Dr. Mayr combines experience from a wide range of specialist areas, which he would like to share with the next generation of IT professionals. This reveals another aspect of his personality - teaching. As a lecturer at the universities of Kufstein and Rosenheim, he not only initiates young developers into the secrets of business processes, but also contributes his knowledge of the economy and from an entrepreneurial perspective.

An exciting career! It is interesting to see where Dr. Richard Mayr gets his inspiration and energy from in order to simultaneously manage companies, work as a lecturer and develop new ideas. Besides his job and teaching, he gets his creative impulses from his family and his hobbies. Here, relaxing activities such as perfecting his cooking skills, chess games and occasional piano playing are on the agenda. Craftsmanship is also one of his extra-curricular skills. He professionally plans and implements unusual projects in his home, sometimes on his own initiative.

His successes so far have confirmed him in maintaining his open-minded and friendly manner, and in continuing to cultivate personal customer contact. For our existing and potential customers he is still a preferred contact person. Would you like to learn more about BLUE-ZONE GmbH and our products? Then you can get to know our board of directors in a personal consultation.