In our series "blue-zone GmbH introduces its teams" we would like to introduce our newest member of the iOS team today.

Until recently, he supported the IoT group and developed custom IoT projects. A few months ago, Daniel R. moved to the iOS team to help develop the polumana® app for mobile sales and field service processes.

In general, Daniel is interested in software and in solutions designed to make everyday life easier. For example, he has developed automatic control of sun visors that open and close automatically based on various criteria independently of each other. This is an example of how IoT can bring benefits in the private sector. For our B2B customers, Daniel R. is developing our app solution to make it more powerful.

If you are in a creative profession - yes, software development is creative - you also need a source of new ideas. Mostly it is a pastime away from the daily tasks. Daniel finds his recreation in sports in nature. His sports activities are not limited to physical sports. He does motorized as well as mental sports in addition.

For his physical fitness he is quickly motivated with endurance sports - even more so with a like-minded buddy who encourages him to continuously improve his performance. He enjoys his motorized sport alone, but also in the company of like-minded people. Already a few times the ways led him on narrow gravel roads in the mountains. Then it was always a matter of driving on, because turning around is not an option when you're on a narrow pass road that offers no turning options. Roads lined with a mountain wall on one side and a deep drop on the other are not uncommon in the experience spectrum of Daniel's adventure rides. Daniel draws the most strength here, especially after a long day at work.

Sometimes, however, he likes to have a little less thrill in order to return refreshed from his free time. Instead, he has been cultivating the hobby of chess for a few years now. Chess games give Daniel a new challenge to which he devotes himself with great enthusiasm. His incentive is not exclusively to win, but to experience his progress as he competes with stronger and stronger opponents.

In any case, it never gets boring with Daniel. Especially the beginning of the week is a highlight for us colleagues, because he always has a new anecdote to share with us.

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