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CPRO INDUSTRY becomes reselling partner

Blue-zone GmbH has gained CPRO INDUSTRY as a new reselling partner. Both companies benefit from a clear division of tasks: Blue-zone concentrates on product development and the project, while CPRO INDUSTRY takes care of customer support. An initial joint project has been successfully completed, creating a positive basis for future cooperation.

Blue-zone GmbH has gained the software company CPRO INDUSTRY as a new reselling partner. In its search for a suitable solution for its customer, CPRO INDUSTRY came across Blue-zone's product portfolio, which ultimately led to a successful collaboration.

While Blue-zone GmbH concentrates on the product, development and the project, CPRO INDUSTRY takes care of the customers and their specific project requirements. This clear division of tasks should ensure efficient and smooth projects in the future. Both companies will benefit from this symbiosis in the long term.

An initial project has already been implemented jointly. The project schedule was consistently adhered to, and additional customization requests from the customer were also implemented within the planned deadline. The customer is extremely satisfied with the entire project and the results achieved.
Tom Bajonczak, Partner Sales Manager at Blue-zone, comments:

"The collaboration was uncomplicated and characterized by fast, transparent and always coordinated communication. There was a great deal of trust on both sides and we had a lot of fun working together, which gives us a very positive outlook for our successful future together."

With the successful integration of CPRO INDUSTRY as a reselling partner, Blue-zone is optimistic about the future cooperation and the associated projects.


CPRO INDUSTRY achieved a turnover of 65 million euros in 2023 and employs over 500 people. With more than 480 active customers, CPRO INDUSTRY is a major player in the industry and stands for outstanding quality and customer satisfaction.