To be successful as a software company it requires an interplay of many factors. These include - in addition to the development of high-quality products for which the market has a need - the communication of what benefits the market derives from the use of the products.

A main component of marketing is the continuous maintenance of the product brands and the corporate brand (see article SME Switzerland, by Andrea Eberhard-Miolo).

Another important component for the company in the area of communication is the maintenance of the employer branding. This is because successful products lead to growth in the company, which can only be met with additional employees.

Employer branding is not only relevant during the growth phase, however, but also in order to bind longstanding employees to the company. A lack of identification with the company can lead to higher fluctuation, which in turn could have a negative impact on new employees.

At blue-zone GmbH, we devoted our attention to cultivating employer branding early on. Therefore, we regularly celebrate achieved milestones, we focus on already attracting students to us and through regular celebrations we show appreciation to our colleagues. In more detail, this includes the following:

  • Accompanying students in their studies (master's theses, practical projects, internship semesters)
  • Company anniversaries (most recently the blue-zone GmbH 10-year anniversary celebration)
  • Financial year closings
  • Employer fairs (for our target group, also eSports events such as gaming fairs)

The younger target group in particular finds itself on platforms for which virtual interactions are a matter of course. In order to reach this target group, which has not necessarily already entered the workforce, we at blue-zone GmbH have stepped in as a sponsor partner of an eSports team. More precisely of the @Allforonegaming team.

These virtual competitions have a high reach among gamers. However, online games have not yet penetrated the perception of companies, as a platform for potential new employees.

But to us... To that end, we supported an appearance by the AllforOne gaming team at a major European eSports trade show. There we were present with an on-site audience of >2000 visitors, >80 talents (influencers, gamers, streamers...), approx. 3 million out-of-home contacts, 850,000 earned & shared media contacts (data according to Level Up organizers).

Our efforts are far from exhausted with this. We will continue to go where we find our employees of tomorrow.

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