In a past blog post, we already talked about the active support we offer students in the context of practical projects in our company. One of the options we mentioned was to engage students as working students and provide them with the necessary resources and support for their master's thesis.

As part of his current master's thesis, our colleague Max has investigated for us which approach is more popular in the B2B sector and with our target group. The results of the analysis will also have an impact on our choice of advertising measures.

In the past, a group of students has already produced customer references in a novel video format. In this, we presented our customers in an interview and gave them the opportunity to share their experiences with our products and our company.

In the current case, our colleague has investigated for his master's thesis whether in commercials the emotional or the rational approach attracts more attention from them as our target group.

We want to use the new findings for future productions that will bring our product closer to them in an understandable, entertaining way and in no time at all.

Here are the links to the two video productions already mentioned:

Video emotional:

Video rational:

Which promotional video would arouse your interest in our product? Each video in this campaign was studied for three weeks. The results are still pending. However, you are welcome to vote for the video you would like to see. We look forward to your feedback.

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