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...Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from BLUE-ZONE GmbH

We say goodbye to our company with best wishes and a short review of the year 2022. Many changes have moved in with us, of which we are particularly proud:

  • new branding of BLUE-ZONE GmbH
  • own website for POLUMANA®
  • Expansion of our product range
  • New employees
  • New partners
  • We think about socially disadvantaged people

Our company appears in a new look. After years of incorporating our product name into our color and image world, it is now time to try something new. The good news is, the POLUMANA® app (our product name polu for blue and mana mana for territory in Hawaiian) that has defined our look so far is staying. But now it has been given a prominent appearance at She is still part of the BLUE-ZONE GmbH. We saw this change as a good opportunity to refresh our appearance.

Now we are ready to dedicate more visibility to our competencies in custom IoT solutions. We would like to lead this area to the same success as already our established products: POLUMANA® Sales App and Service App. For this reason, our developer team has also grown rapidly recently. A team that is already working productively on customer-specific and modern solutions from day 1. Anyone who wants to take their processes to the next level of automation should not hesitate to contact us. Our experts are waiting for exciting use cases.

Our partner landscape is also growing and so is our joint market presence. We have recently become a partner of SAP. We sealed our debut with a successful participation in a hackathon, where we made it to the finals. With ContentServ, we also conducted a joint marketing campaign to expand the potential target group.For our team from Hagenberg, it is a particular concern to not only focus on entrepreneurial successes, but also to think about people with low incomes. As every year, our colleagues use the amounts budgeted for Christmas gifts to donate them, this time to the regional social market in Hagenberg. This is to help financially disadvantaged people have a more carefree and contemplative Christmas. Be excited for more news we have prepared for you and will communicate in the new year. Follow us on our social media channels. You can look forward to product news, among other things. Until then, the team of BLUE-ZONE GmbH wishes you !!! Merry Christmas and a successful year 2023 !!!