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New strategic partnership with chinese SAP Platinum Partner

blue-zone GmbH has found a strong partner in Acloudear Information Technology Co. Ltd, which has been implementing cloud-based ERP solutions from SAP and add-ons in China since 2011. Acloudear, a member of United VARs like blue-zone GmbH, supports the common goal of making companies worldwide more efficient.

blue-zone GmbH has added another strong partner in its efforts to help companies around the world become more efficient. This is Acloudear Information Technology Co Ltd, based in Shanghai. The company has been implementing SAP's cloud-based ERP and add-ons for customers in China since 2011, making it one of the first companies to do so. Like blue-zone GmbH, Acloudear is a member of United VARs.
The future cooperation will aim to expand the respective service offerings, reach new customers and strengthen the respective competitive position. "The partnership with Acloudear is of great value to both companies, especially in the areas of SAP Public Cloud and BTP, where our combined expertise will have a major impact. Together we will be able to improve the customer experience, drive innovation and expand market reach," explains Shubham Khenat, Partner Sales Manager at blue-zone.

The rapidly growing Chinese market is of particular interest to European companies. Chinese companies, in turn, benefit from the expertise and standing of European companies and their products. The future partnership will enable both companies to benefit from their respective strengths and develop innovative solutions together. The partnership is welcomed as an important milestone in the company's development and a sign of blue-zone GmbH's commitment to continuous growth and success on a global level.

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