Like many other companies we also notice the lack of skilled workers in the IT sector. Therefore we have made it our mission to make students fit for their professional future.

Due to the intensive cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein, we are often able to offer tailor-made support. The teaching activities of our managing director at the FH Kufstein help to identify exactly the needs of the students and can bring them in line with our business goals. Partly we take part in the practical semesters by placing orders, briefing the students and accompanying them in the elaboration. Partly we take on students for internships in our company, usually in conjunction with a master's thesis. Our managing director offers lectures and combines his theoretical experience with countless everyday examples. In individual cases, we offer our social media platforms to support students in data collection.

Some students have the opportunity to work in tandem with their studies. That's when we can sometimes place them in an open position. At the end of their studies, transfer to a permanent position is also possible.

Currently we offer assistance in a survey for the preparation of the theoretical part of the master thesis of a student.

The topic is Artificial Intelligence in ERP systems.

You can participate in the survey under this link.

Artificial Intelligence in ERP Systems (LamaPoll - Online Survey)

You can also support the next generation of researchers and contribute by participating in the survey or sharing it in your network. The results of the student work are often impressive.

We thank you very much for participating and for sharing the link