It all started with an idea of two entrepreneurs who were 100% convinced of the new technologies cloud computing and smart devices.

These two founders thought in detail about how to bring field mobility into the modern age. The idea turned into a finished product for a real customer for whom B2B sales was more than just selling goods.

This idea became something big, and the company has reached a first significant stage to be celebrated.

The preparations for this event are now reaching the big climax. Our colleagues are making the final preparations to make this event an unforgettable one. The excitement among our colleagues is also rising.

Our checklist is almost complete

  • Decorations are ordered
  • Cards for all colleagues have been labeled by name and packed in envelopes.
  • Orders have been placed and delivered
  • Invitation has been sent and saved with all colleagues
  • Dress code is known and all have enough time to prepare themselves
  • Program for the evening is set
  • Work allocation for set-up and dismantling has been made
  • Secrets have been successfully kept under lock and key
  • Speech of the board is also prepared

The tension is rising noticeably. Our organization team is already at its limit and can only with difficulty muster the necessary patience for the date to finally bring the fruits of months of work to fruition.

Be curious, the resolution follows.