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CROSS-ZONE - the low-code platform of tomorrow

CROSS-ZONE is an AI-supported low-code platform for the development and sale of modular and combinable apps. Companies can create their own apps efficiently, distribute them securely and scalably and invoice them automatically - beyond their own customer base.

Paradigm shift in the industry

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With the rapid advance of digitalization in the industry, a significant change is on the horizon: 50% of cloud platform providers for industry will use a modular structure by 2025. 70% of new applications will use or incorporate low-code/no-code technologies by 2026. *

As a company that aims to actively shape the digital future, blue-zone GmbH is already offering solutions today for the challenges of tomorrow. The low-code platform CROSS-ZONE enables companies to create, offer and invoice their own modular applications.

Advantages for you

Central development environment

The CROSS-ZONE offers a central development environment for all processes. Applications can be created, edited and maintained there. Regardless of the size or complexity of the project and the platform on which it is to be executed - whether on mobile devices or as a web application - CROSS-ZONE offers a scalable solution. Our ecosystem allows projects to keep pace with customers' changing requirements while remaining flexible to ensure an optimal user experience.

Faster development thanks to modular construction kit

CROSS-ZONE enables customized applications with a modular building block principle. By combining and adapting modular components, you can create applications that grow with your customers. The result is faster implementation of innovations, leaner cost structures and maximum flexibility.

Automated invoicing

Standardized low-code apps fail not least because of billing. Where there are no corresponding structures, there is also no automated billing infrastructure. CROSS-ZONE not only enables companies to develop their own apps, the solution also offers automated billing. In this way, our platform ensures that companies do not fail due to the hurdles of billing, but can benefit seamlessly from innovative apps.

Scalability of your own business model

With CROSS-ZONE as your central marketplace, you have the opportunity to expand your business flexibly and efficiently. Expand or customize your applications and services as needed while we maintain the low-code platform for you. Deployment has never been easier. And thanks to our global network, you can reach potential customers in every corner of the world.

State-of-the-art AI support

Developing your own applications is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. This is where CROSS-ZONE comes in with an innovative approach: By using generative artificial intelligence (AI), the entire development cycle is noticeably shortened. This enables you to create high-performance and customized apps in the shortest possible time. It not only speeds up the programming process, but also improves the quality and functionality of the applications.

Ready-to-use apps

The low-code platform CROSS-ZONE not only offers you the opportunity to develop and package independent apps. Apps developed in-house (KITs) by blue-zone GmbH are secure, easy to implement and ensure lasting positive changes to your customers' processes. These can be used without risk and can be added or removed as required.

Advantages for your customers

Shorter time-to-market

Those who are able to react quickly to changes and implement innovations promptly secure decisive competitive advantages. Because you can develop apps faster with the CROSS-ZONE, the time it takes for your customers to benefit from them is reduced.

Reliable and high-performance applications

A lack of technical and commercial expertise is a challenge when developing low-code apps. This is where the CROSS-ZONE platform comes in to overcome these obstacles. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive tools, it enables even users without in-depth technical knowledge to create modern applications.

Connecting heterogeneous hardware and software landscapes

Apps (KITs) developed on the CROSS-ZONE low-code platform allow your customers to choose which software components they want to use. The apps effortlessly connect different components with an interface to several ERP or ERP systems.

Lifecycle support

Thanks to the CROSS-ZONE, projects remain secure, performant and compatible over a long period of time. The internal Business Capability Hub supports different app versions and different customer systems. The apps are easy to maintain and your customers are free to decide whether to update to new versions.

Native Blue Zone applications

With our in-house developed solutions, we enable companies to digitize their own processes today and make them more future-proof. Regardless of whether it is a question of selective optimization or whether companies want to benefit from greater efficiency across all areas, applications based on the low-code platform CROSS-ZONE make it possible.

Mobiles Warehouse Management

Warehouse management of tomorrow

Our WAREHOUSE KIT gives you full transparency in the warehouse based on real-time data and processes through paperless intralogistics. Automate data collection using robust devices for high quality and low error rates during warehouse movements. Enable short-term interventions through flexible control and always up-to-date stock information. Find out more!
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Digitize the store floor and gain insights in real time

With the FACTORY KIT, you can easily distribute work orders, set up direct feedback of work progress, statuses, faults or errors to SAP and monitor all relevant key figures in real time. From simple production data acquisition and the digitalization of manual workstations to integrated Industry 4.0 scenarios based on the integration of IoT data.

Find out more!

Learn more

Would you like to find out more about the CROSS-ZONE or discuss individual use cases? Then contact us without obligation and find out more about our low-code platform and your options.

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