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blue-zone GmbH wishes Happy Holidays

The entire blue-zone GmbH team wishes you a peaceful holiday season with your loved ones and a successful start to the new year! May this time be full of joy, happiness and inspiring moments.

We have decided to share the song "Alle Jahre wieder". It is one of the best-known German-language Christmas carols whose lyrics were written by the pastor and poet Wilhelm Hey in 1837.

The popular melody known today is attributed to the composer and music teacher Friedrich Silcher (1789-1860). (*from www.lieder-archiv.de)

The blue-zone GmbH team wishes you Happy Holidays with your loved ones.

Every year again
the Christ child comes
comes down to earth,
where we humans are.

Returns with his blessing
into every home,
goes in and out with us
in and out with us.

Is also at my side
Silent and unrecognized,
that it may guide me faithfully
by the loving hand.