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Enterprise Content Management

Documents and processes under control

Our pioneering ECM solution revolutionizes the management of digital documents and automates the flow of workflows

You know it yourself: The lack of centralized data organization leads to chaos, difficulties in collaboration and a loss of productivity. Security risks and a lack of control over document versions are further potential dangers. In addition, non-automated processes can reduce efficiency by requiring time-consuming manual steps that affect the scalability of organizations. The integration of an ECM system is therefore crucial to overcome complex problems.

Our groundbreaking solution revolutionizes the management of digital documents, automates the flow of workflows and business processes and optimizes information resource management in companies. ECM-ZONE provides the tools and resources to centralize, manage and optimize your business-critical workflows. Immerse yourself in the world of state-of-the-art process automation and discover how ECM-ZONE can help you increase efficiency and foster collaboration.

ECM-ZONE: A system with numerous components


This enables the seamless input and scanning of data, electronic data interchange (EDI) and automatic classification and optical character recognition (OCR), including artificial intelligence (AI) for efficient processing.

Administration (Manage)

The administration ensures controlled access rights and organizes data through data storage, a document management system (DMS) and collaboration functions.

Storage (Store)

The storage component of ECM-ZONE stores information in various resources such as file systems, document management systems (DMS), databases (DBs) and library services.

Preservation (Preserve)

The unchangeable long-term archiving in ECM-ZONE guarantees the integrity of the data over a long period of time.

Output (Deliver)

This component enables smooth data provision, transformation and use of digital signatures for secure and efficient processes.

How ECM-ZONE works:

ECM-ZONE integrates various elements of content management within a company in order to map all processes in a central system. The platform enables a seamless connection between different systems, facilitating collaboration across organizational units and on different devices. Process automation plays a central role here, as it promotes increased efficiency and supports smooth collaboration in a company-wide context by connecting a wide variety of data sources. The key functions include:

  • Workflow engine & process automation
  • Digitization of paper documents and digital signatures
  • Content management and document archiving
  • Data transformation and evaluations
  • External system connection
  • Automatic content recognition
  • Support through artificial intelligence

The advantages of ECM-ZONE:

Automation of processes

  • Improve business processes such as approval or review processes
  • Workflows - Easy retrieval of documents for a process (contracts, employee data, etc.)

Greater efficiency in your organization

  • Shorter duration of workflows and processes
  • clear assignment of responsibility for individual steps and decisions, such as approvals
  • access to documents by authorized persons from any location and at any time, regardless of where the paper documents are stored

Greater security and compliance

With ECM-ZONE, you ensure not only security and compliance but also the fulfillment of legal requirements. This is ensured by the following aspects, among others:

  • A clear authorization system defines access to documents and data types
  • Stored and transmitted digital documents are encrypted
  • Compliance-compliant archiving of documents in tamper-proof digital form
  • Certain data is stored in a verifiable and secure manner (financial data, personal data, employee information, medical data, etc.)

Sharing data

  • Distribution of data within and outside the company
  • Often used for data from legacy systems or digitized paper documents

Lower costs

  • Automation of workflows and processes
  • Lower risk of operating errors
  • Less workload
  • Elimination of paper documents

Greater satisfaction among employees, customers and business partners

  • Faster processing of business transactions
  • Automated workflows and standard processes
  • Guaranteed data security

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Documents and processes under control

ECM-ZONE combines diverse elements of content management within a company in a seamless structure. Data flows in from various sources and is fed back just as smoothly. The ultimate goal is to model all business processes in one central system, enabling effortless collaboration across different departments and on different devices.

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User-friendly and customizable

Low-code-based workflow management makes working with documents more efficient, secure and user-friendly. Our solution seamlessly integrates OCR systems, enables fast implementation and customization, as well as integration into various IT systems. User-friendly web browser access, mobile support, multilingualism and high data security ensure seamless integration.

Customers use ECM-ZONE for this purpose:

Where previously unstructured data from different sources was available and processes could no longer be mapped, ECM-ZONE helps as an efficient business tool. With ECM-ZONE, you can optimize the management of various documents and processes. From supplier invoices to contract management and HR workflows.

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Process optimization

Business processes, such as approval or review workflows, are improved and automated.
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Personnel file & HR workflow

Digital personnel files can be created and managed with ECM-ZONE and integrated into existing HR systems and processes.
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Digital invoices

ECM-ZONE optimizes document management, including invoices from suppliers. The invoicing process becomes more efficient and customizable. This reduces costs and increases productivity.
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Business documents

Our user-friendly low-code approach optimizes the documentation of your own and very specific business documents and at the same time simplifies collaboration with business partners.

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