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New dimensions of digitalization at blue-zone GmbH: Introduction of Smart Integrations series

With EDI-ZONE, DOM-ZONE and ECM-ZONE, blue-zone GmbH has introduced three innovative products that automate and digitize work processes in different areas. These solutions underline blue-zone GmbH's commitment to innovation and support companies in their digital transformation for increased efficiency and competitiveness.

The blue-zone GmbH is setting new standards in digital transformation with the launch of three pioneering products within the Smart Integrations range. Since 1 October 2023, EDI-ZONE, DOM-ZONE and ECM-ZONE have been at the forefront of a revolutionary product strategy aimed at automating and digitizing work processes.


EDI-ZONE, the Electronic Data Interchange System, enables the smooth exchange of business-critical data between companies. By integrating EDI-ZONE, partner companies can exchange data electronically and thus optimize their business processes. This helps to minimize errors, increase efficiency and improve communication between companies.


DOM-ZONE, blue-zone's Document Output Management System, enables efficient document and output management. This innovative system automates the entire process of document creation, processing and distribution. Companies can not only save time and resources, but also optimize their document workflows.


ECM-ZONE, the enterprise content management system, provides a comprehensive solution for managing corporate content and automating business processes. With ECM-ZONE, organizations can seamlessly organize and link their documents, files and databases, as well as digitally map and automate processes.

These innovative products represent a significant milestone for blue-zone GmbH and demonstrate the company's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. The launch of the Smart Integrations products underlines blue-zone GmbH's vision to help companies master the challenges of digital transformation and strengthen their competitiveness.

Visit our product pages to find out how EDI-ZONE, DOM-ZONE and ECM-ZONE can transform your work processes. We are convinced that our new solutions not only increase efficiency in companies, but also lay the foundation for a successful digital future.