Condition monitoring of machines or products is a fundamental IoT/Industry 4.0 scenario.

The technical basis for condition monitoring is formed by "smart" products, i.e. those that enable the exchange of data in both directions through additional sensor technology and networking.

In the company's own production, condition monitoring is mainly used to reduce plant downtimes, avoid failures and thus increase productivity. Broader data collection via additional sensors or by reading out control systems and integrating this data into your systems also makes it possible, for example, to identify correlations between malfunctions and certain operating parameters or to better understand the dependencies of individual machines in a production line.

Condition monitoring of products in use at the end customer can provide information not only about their condition, but also about their actual use or potential problems. As a result, you get to know your customer better and can use these insights to target improvements.

In the web session, Andreas Oyrer, CEO of blue-zone GmbH, presented challenges, added values and concrete solutions based on customer examples for both variants.