Smart medical technology products

Network your medical technology products and increase their value for customers and patients.

The demands placed on medical technology by customers are constantly increasing, while at the same time many public healthcare systems are having to make savings.

Smart products enable them to respond to these challenges in a targeted manner: You can make your products more responsive to new customer requirements and their use more efficient with new, innovative features. In this way, you as a manufacturer stand out from the competition, can open up new business areas and drive forward the digital transformation of your company.

Exemplary customer projects:

Ottobock Myo Plus pattern recognition app for adjustment

During the development of the configuration and training app, the blue-zone team was able to support the Ottobock developers in the areas of conception, implementation, optimization, verification and documentation, thus making a valuable contribution to this great product...

In order to use the training app presented in the last article Myo Plus prosthesis control optimally, it can be customized via an app. The biggest challenge in control is the similarity of individual patterns. Since many hand movements differ only by nuances, the Myo Plus pattern recognition system must recognize and correctly assign a large number of different patterns.

After an initial configuration by an orthotist, the prosthesis wearer has the option of using the app to train communication with the prosthesis. For this purpose, the measured movement patterns are transmitted to a smartphone or tablet and visualized ( Video). The first training to handle the new control takes a few days, depending on the patient. As soon as communication between the user and the prosthesis controller is working, the user can save the progress in the app and readjust it himself. In addition, users can adjust the speed of the hand and the speed of rotation.

During the development of the configuration and training app, the blue-zone team was able to support Ottobock's developers in the areas of conception, implementation, optimization, verification and documentation, thus making a valuable contribution to this great product.

Ottobock Myo Plus prosthesis controller

blue-zone supports Ottobock in the development of an intelligent prosthesis control system

Most people take it for granted that they can go about their daily lives with two healthy hands.

In order to give this feeling back to amputees as well, Ottobock has developed the first prosthesis control system in Europe with pattern recognition with the support of blue-zone. The control system adapts individually to the needs of the user and supports them in the challenges of their everyday life.

For this purpose, eight electrodes measure the movement patterns of the forearm muscles and assign them to a hand movement via pattern recognition. This makes it possible to use the remaining muscle movement on the stump of the forearm to carry out the movements that the patient was previously accustomed to with the prosthesis.

If the patient grasps an object, the movement pattern is recognized by the control unit and automatically converted into the correct grasping and rotation movement via pattern recognition. The controller can be used in various Ottobock hand prostheses such as the multi-articulating bebionic hand.

During the development of this novel prosthesis control system, blue-zone was able to support the team of Ottobock developers in the areas of conception, embedded firmware and testing, thus making a valuable contribution to a comfortable control option for arm prosthesis wearers.

For more information about the new Myo Plus prosthetic control with pattern recognition, watch the video below from Ottobock: Ottobock Myo Plus prosthesis control with pattern recognitiong

GE Healthcare - Sensor technology for ultrasound probes

blue-zone supports GE Healthcare in equipping ultrasound probes with highly sensitive sensor technology.

GE Healthcare, an internationally active medical technology and pharmaceutical company, develops, among other things, state-of-the-art ultrasound devices that are designed for a wide range of applications and clinical uses.

blue-zone supports GE Healthcare in equipping ultrasound probes with highly sensitive sensor technology, with which the functional range of the probes can be expanded and adapted to the respective requirements. This includes the evaluation of possible sensor solutions, the development of prototypes and the implementation of firmware for the analysis and processing of sensor data.

The sensor technology is to support the detection of external influences on the sensitive ultrasound probe.
GE Healthcare Austria
GE Healthcare

stAPPtronics GmbH - intelligent sensor soles

An exact analysis of the gait pattern - the stapp one sensor soles, which also incorporate blue-zone know-how, make it possible.

Founded in 2016, stAPPtronics GmbH, headquartered in Vorarlberg, Austria, has developed solutions for medical gait analysis and therapy based on a globally unique sensor technology. Its products support clinics, rehabilitation and research facilities in the diagnosis and treatment of their patients.

The PC application used for this purpose comes largely from blue-zone's software forge. It can be used to create and manage patient data and to start recordings of the gait pattern with the intelligent sensor soles stapp one. For gait analysis, electronic insoles are used that are simply inserted into the patient's shoes. These record movement and pressure data and transmit them wirelessly and in real time via Bluetooth LE to the software and thus directly to the screen. Behind this is a logic, also developed by blue-zone, for controlling the soles including error handling, e.g. in case of connection interruptions. In parallel, the patient can be filmed by the PC software in order to objectify malpositions or disturbances of the gait pattern with millimeter precision in slow motion. The results of this analysis allow the treating physician or therapist to select the optimal therapies in a very targeted manner. In addition, a live view of the pressure distribution allows exercises to be performed and trained more efficiently and effectively.

In addition, a licensing function has also been developed for the software. Depending on the license, different variants and features of the PC application can be unlocked for the user.
Client: stAPPtronics GmbH

Medical product development since 2005

We are certified according to ISO 13485 and develop your software for medical devices according to international standards such as the software lifecycle process IEC 62304 as well as the risk management standard IEC 14971. We support you in risk management, documentation, software development and take over the assurance of traceability over the entire software lifecycle - prerequisites for the approval of your product. Thanks to our many years of experience working with market leaders in the field of medical technology, we are very familiar with these requirements and deliver the appropriate solutions. For you, this means that we can seamlessly integrate our software into your processes as manufacturer and "marketer" of the medical technology product.

Medical devices and their development phases are often highly complex. Most developments involve special know-how and high investments. We actively contribute to simplifying the complexities in the design and implementation phases. Be it through the use of proven and sensible technologies to make the product robust in daily use or through optimized processes for documentation that is correct under medical law (e.g. according to software life cycle IEC 62304).

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Medical product development since 2005
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