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iBeacon Manager Platform + SDK

The Beacon Manager CMS platform from BLUE-ZONE GmbH is used to manage and track your iBeacons and offers an extremely simple and intuitive application.

Beacons are small Bluetooth-based transmitters that have a range of max. 20m. Smartphones support this technology. The use cases of iBeacons are extremely diverse. The target of the applications are in most cases location based services like e.g.:

  • Notification of discounts and promotions in front of the store
  • Display of the menu in front of the restaurant
  • Info about objects (e.g. in a museum or showroom)
  • Reminder about the shopping list in the store
  • Smart-Home control
  • Indoor navigation
  • Participate in lotteries
  • ...
To present the topic of iBeacon as easy as possible for our customers and to start a live operation with little effort we decided to develop the Beacon Manager CMS platform. This consists of:

  • Smartphone SDK for integration into existing apps (iPhone and Android)
  • Web portal (CMS) to manage the iBeacons
  • Smartphone app for immediate start

Our Beacon Manager CMS platform supports all popular iBeacons. We are vendor independent and therefore extremely flexible. The management of iBeacons was deliberately kept simple. You don't need any detailed technical knowledge to integrate Beacons.

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