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moveguard GmbH

The moveguard mobile app offers a health check based on current vital parameters such as height and weight, blood pressure, resting pulse.

moveguard is a multi-award-winning initiative of the German Sport University Cologne and has been successfully offering special exercise and nutrition training for healthy, overweight or chronically ill people for 10 years and evaluating it scientifically.
BLUE-ZONE GmbH and IQ mobile developed moveguard mobile for this purpose. The app offers a health check based on current vital parameters. Based on e.g. height, body weight, blood pressure, resting pulse, the health status is calculated and compared with scientific common standard values.
The app explains where the user stands with his parameters and gives tips on how to improve or stabilize the condition. It motivates, coaches and gives everyone their individually tailored training.


moveguard GmbH

Commissioning agency:

IQ mobile GmbH (Project description: Link)

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