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Ottobock Myo Plus prosthesis controller

BLUE-ZONE GmbH supports Ottobock in the development of an intelligent prosthesis control system.

Most people take it for granted that they can go about their daily lives with two healthy hands.

In order to give this feeling back to amputees as well, Ottobock has developed Europe's first prosthetic control system with pattern recognition with the support of BLUE-ZONE GmbH. The control adapts individually to the needs of the user and supports them in the challenges of their everyday life.

For this purpose, eight electrodes measure the movement patterns of the forearm muscles and assign them to a hand movement via pattern recognition. This makes it possible to use the remaining muscle movement on the stump of the forearm to carry out the movements that the patient was previously accustomed to with the prosthesis.

If the patient grasps an object, the movement pattern is recognized by the control unit and automatically converted into the correct grasping and rotation movement via pattern recognition. The controller can be used in various Ottobock hand prostheses such as the multi-articulating bebionic hand.

BLUE-ZONE GmbH was able to support the team of Ottobock developers in the areas of conception, embedded firmware and testing during the development of this new type of prosthesis control, thus making a valuable contribution to a convenient control option for arm prosthesis wearers.

For more information about the new Myo Plus prosthesis control with pattern recognition, watch the video below from Ottobock: Ottobock Myo Plus prosthesis control with pattern recognition

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