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Park Share Charge

SafetyDock® is a holistic infrastructure system for green mobility. The lockable rental boxes with integrated charging function (e.g. for e-bikes) are installed, for example, at the train station, in shopping centers or in municipalities.

Safetydock® enables a modern and sophisticated lifestyle with the bicycle. The combination of secure bicycle parking with bikesharing and charging stations for e-cars forms the basis for a new mobility behavior. The lockable rental boxes with integrated charging function are installed primarily at urban residential complexes, in corporate environments and at public bus stops.

Every registered user can conveniently reserve a box or an e-bike via a web portal. With the linked chip card, the booked box can then be opened on site. Operation is simple and intuitive.

The task of BLUE-ZONE GmbH was the complete development of the secure web portal and the terminal software for the facility as well as the connection of the charging stations for electric cars.



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