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The Schrack Technik Group's i-CHARGE CION charging stations contain an electronic module developed by BLUE-ZONE GmbH that reads ID-based cards via an NFC interface and thus communicates with the charging stations.

Due to the technological progress in the development of e-mobility, the number of electric vehicles on our roads and thus also a nationwide expansion of the infrastructure in the form of charging stations has increased enormously in recent years.

With its i-CHARGE CION line, the Schrack Technik Group, headquartered in Vienna, has developed an intelligent charging system that offers suitable solutions for all available electric vehicles. Simple operation combined with intelligent charging logic enables trouble-free, fast as well as safe charging. The CION charging stations have been in use since summer 2020 in Austria as well as in the European subsidiaries of the Schrack Technik Group and can be found not only in public buildings, parking garages, shopping centers, hotels or airports but also in private households.

BLUE-ZONE GmbH has developed an electronic module for integration into the i-CHARGE CION charging stations that reads ID-based cards via an NFC interface and communicates with the charging station. The assembly can be equipped with a display for user interaction and with an RGB LED lighting panel to display dynamic light patterns. Using the NFC interface, the charging station recognizes the authenticated RFID/NFC contactless card and thus enables either only a specific group of people to use the charging station or - in public areas - secure billing of charging processes thanks to the integrated MID meter with viewing window. The RFID card is used to transmit the so-called "CDR" (charge detail record), which includes the RFID tag (customer affiliation), charging time and amount of energy. Through the online connection, the charging station operator can subsequently bill the customer for the charge.


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