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BLUE-ZONE GmbH develops the new ErgoPen app with STABILO.

The STABILO ErgoPen is the solution for evidence-based therapy. The pen detects graphomotor and writing motor abnormalities during use by the patient and transfers these to the associated app. In this way, targeted therapy can be provided on the basis of a rapid analysis. The appearance and writing behavior resemble that of a normal pen, but the inner workings and analysis options in the ErgoPen app make it an innovative and indispensable tool for the occupational therapist's daily work.

Test, analyze, evaluate and create professional reports.

It has probably never been so easy and safe to optimally accompany the patient's therapy progress.

Objective, scientifically based and result-oriented, so that measurable successes are easier to achieve.

And - at the same time, the occupational therapist can, if necessary, provide treating physicians with professional, comprehensible documentation of the course of therapy and trends.

BLUE-ZONE GmbH is working with Stabilo to develop the Ergopen mobile application for Android tablets.

"We at BLUE-ZONE are excited about what could be made possible in graphomotor analytics "in the form of the ErgoPen". Above all, the sound experience of the Stabilo project team and Dr. Christian Marquardt, as a recognized expert in writing motor skills, has, in our opinion, resulted in a groundbreaking product for occupational therapy" emphasizes Andreas Oyrer, CEO of BLUE-ZONE GmbH.

Further detailed information can be found here.

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