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stAPPtronics GmbH

intelligent sensor soles

An exact analysis of the gait pattern - the stapp one sensor soles, which also incorporate know-how from BLUE-ZONE GmbH, make it possible!

Founded in 2016, stAPPtronics GmbH, headquartered in Vorarlberg, Austria, has developed solutions for medical gait analysis and therapy based on a globally unique sensor technology. Their products support clinics, rehabilitation and research facilities in the diagnosis and treatment of their patients.

The PC application used for this purpose comes largely from the software forge of BLUE-ZONE GmbH. It can be used to create and manage patient data and to start recordings of the gait pattern with the intelligent sensor soles stapp one. For gait analysis, electronic insoles are used that are simply inserted into the patient's shoes. These record movement and pressure data and transmit them wirelessly and in real time via Bluetooth LE to the software and thus directly to the screen. Behind this is a logic system, also developed by BLUE-ZONE GmbH, for controlling the soles, including error handling, e.g. in the event of connection interruptions. In parallel, the patient can be filmed by the PC software in order to then objectify malpositions or disturbances of the gait pattern with millimeter precision in slow motion. The results of this analysis allow the treating physician or therapist to select the optimal therapies in a very targeted manner. Furthermore, a live view of the pressure distribution allows exercises to be performed and trained more efficiently and effectively.

In addition, a licensing function has also been developed for the software. Depending on the license, different variants and features of the PC application can be unlocked for the user.


stAPPtronics GmbH

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