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Track Machines Connected

Data logger for data mining and predictive analytics

BLUE-ZONE GmbH and Track Machines Connected GmbH are jointly developing a data logger for recording sensor data from track construction machines.

Together with Track Machines Connected in Hagenberg, BLUE-ZONE GmbH is developing software for the data acquisition of sensor data on track construction machines and for the transmission and further analysis of this data in the cloud.
Several hundred different sensor values are simultaneously read out on the data logger, pre-processed and transmitted collectively to the cloud. These sensor values include temperature values, pressure-specific parameters, hydraulic parameters, CAN data, GPS data, and much more.
This enables a more detailed understanding of the machine and its components in order, among other things, to detect any faults that may occur at an early stage and thus to better plan maintenance intervals. The benefit of this is that downtime is reduced and costs are saved.

Main functions

  • Multi-threaded application in C++ with Linux operating system
  • Read sensor data
  • Data pre-processing with appropriate algorithms
  • Secure data transfer to the cloud
  • Data mining and predictive analytics


Track Machines Connected G.m.b.H.

Track Machines Connected GmbH "The cooperation with BLUE-ZONE GmbH is characterized by uncomplicated communication, solution-oriented thinking and flexibility. These points are important for us to be successful with our products."

Ing. Matthias Lehner, MSc
T+M Connected GmbH

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